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Broken Lighting on Milkshape Model When Exported as DTS

by Gilbert Martinelli · in Artist Corner · 08/04/2017 (1:51 pm) · 0 replies

A friend and I are working on a project in T3D (3.10) for which I've attempted to produce a player model. However, I am unable to get the model to light properly in T3D when I export it as a dts. The model looks great in Milkshape, and looks fantastic exported as a .dae, but the lighting breaks when I export as a dts.
The model on the left was simply exported as a dts using the latest dts plus exporter. The model in the middle was one of my experiments, where I exported first as a Half-Life SMD, which I imported back into Milkshape, then immediately exported using the dts plus exporter. The one on the right was exported as a Collada .dae. The problem with the SMD trick is that it combines all of my materials that use the same texture (as well as their meshes). This is a problem because at some point I need to be able to color the individual parts of this model which, from what I understand, can only be done per material. I tried exporting the SMD with every material set to a different texture (thus preserving my meshes and materials), then restoring the original texture assignments before exporting as a dts, but that results in the same broken lighting seen on the left. The problem with exporting as a .dae is that I lose my skeleton, which is pretty important for a player model.

I spent a week creating this model and the last 6 hours trying to get it to light correctly in T3D. If anyone has any idea what I'm doing wrong, or what can be done to fix this model, I'd appreciate it.

This is the ms3d, as well as the exported dts's and .dae.