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Temperate Environment Art Pack

Adam deGrandis

The complete starter art pack for a temperate environment - multiple trees, terrain textures, and Ground Cover grass and flowers. All game-ready and high-quality!

From former GarageGames employee and Torque expert Adam deGrandis comes the Temperate Environment Art Pack!

The Temperate Environment Art Pack provides you with all you need to start making a temperate environment game level. Four different terrain textures, grass and plant textures for use with Torque's Ground Cover, and two differnet trees models, each of which has multiple levels of detail (LODs). Additionally, a demo level has been included to show the high quality you can expect when you utilize all the available assets.

  • Maple tree .dae with diffuse map, normal map, and specular map
  • White pine .dae with diffuse map, normal map, and specular map
  • Collision and three levels of detail (LOD) for both trees
  • Two grass foliage textures, Queen Anne's lace texture, and wild flower texture, all compiled onto the same 1024x256 pixel image for rendering efficiency, for use as Ground Cover
  • Dirt terrain texture, rock terrain texture, and two grass terrain textures, all with normal maps and detail maps
Computer capable of running Torque 3D or TGEA
50 MB free hard drive space