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Freedom Force! - superhero themed action

by Stephen Clark · in Game Design and Creative Issues · 02/05/2004 (9:36 am) · 11 replies

Anybody play Freedom Force? I used to love that game... silly AND fun. I think it would be supreme to see a 3rd person superhero type game on the torque engine.

02/05/2004 (9:59 am)
Rise of Power and Burger Wars are 2 examples of such games, both by teams led by fellow GG member Britton LaRoche :)
02/05/2004 (10:02 am)
It was a slick game though I never got very far in the SP - mostly multiplayer. The superhero editor was awesome. :)

You could certainly do a game like it in Torque.
02/05/2004 (11:24 am)
It may not be on Torque... but City of Heroes has been in development for the past few years and looks to be a promising MMORPG, also there are rumors that Marvel is looking into doing a new Super Hero game.
02/05/2004 (11:52 am)
Irrational games are doing sequel to Freedom Force. AND they'll publish it themselves as they recently stated. Dont know the reasons, could be that they are tired of publishers as well.

And the guy mentioned that they have "killer System Shock 3 design doc around"... damn seducers.. I wonder who owns the rights of SysShock?
02/05/2004 (12:09 pm)
Hmmm.... I'm not sure, but maybe Ion Storm picked up the System Shock license about the same time they picked up the Thief License.
02/05/2004 (12:24 pm)
I would loooove to play another good system shock...

I am very glad to hear that another freedom force will be coming out. It was fun, goofy, and yes the power editor was way cool, AND it used python for its scripting.. I never did try it online though (havent had net at home in over 2 years now!- too poor).

Any insiders know if anything will ever happen with Outcast 2? That is definitely one of my fav. games even though i still havent beat it!
02/05/2004 (7:13 pm)
Yeah, Freedom Force was great. In fact it is on my desk right now. I am planning on playing it again since I am considering doing a Realtime Tactical game in Torque (If only I can figure out the TGE camera!).

The old comic book style kinda bugged me, but making your own characters and testing them out was a whole game in itself. I remember they had mentioned the possibiliy of doing a Marvel game, I guess it fell through. Marvel will probably go through a big publisher instead.
02/05/2004 (11:21 pm)
Ahh dude! Nicolas is right. I love comic book super hero games and thats exactly what I wanted to do from the very start. We needed charcter persistence so we thought we'd start with an FPS game that had charcter persistence, and then do the super hero game with all the powers. I figure it would be fun to select a power and then develop it. But that's alot of work. We found out the persistence piece is easy, but customer service, account maintenance, anti-cheat code, customer service an performance and scalability while making sure the DB server never goes down etc... was alot of work. Not to mention you need to be able to afford several servers to make it work. Still, the idea of letting everyone host their own server and keeping the persistence on that server is possible. You just have to accept the fact that some servers will be cheaters and hack the character files. You also have no cental locus of control.

So I scaled back to burger wars. Comic chacters FPS. Then we we get some more funding... Rise of Power, Then Super Heros. Or atleast thats the plan.

Freedom Force and City of Heros obviously have the same concept. Its hard to be original, but who cares if you are having fun doing it. Any one ever play the old role playing game Gamma World? Its all about raidated mutants with special powers in a post holocost world. I'd love to do something similiar with super heros. Instead of radiation causing the mutation, its all the chemicals, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and steriods injected into the beef in fast food.
02/06/2004 (8:35 am)
Ah, Britton, you just made my day, mentioning the second RPG I ever played, back in the very early 80s : Gamma World !!
I still have my second edition boxed set of it :)
01/29/2005 (9:39 am)
It's in my ideas to make one like that, definitely, because Freedom Force is best, and superheroes is best :)