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Converting game from TGE to Torque3D?

by Brian Mitchell · in Torque Developer Network · 01/04/2010 (10:15 pm) · 9 replies

Greetings all!

As the title suggested, I am trying to take a title built in TGE and upgrade the engine to Torque 3D. The main reason for this is to make the game playable via a web browser, and I would like to reuse as many of the old scripts and art assets as possible. I know the engine has undergone some major overhauls between TGE and T3D, but I am curious as to how tedious this process might be, and what specific steps would be required.

Specifically, here are a few of the questions I have:

1) Since the script file hierarchy has completely changed, does mean the architecture in those scripts has changed as well? In other words, is it more complicated than simply finding the new file path for each of the previous scripts and updating them? Are there any new scripts required, or any old scripts that are no longer needed? If so, which ones?

2) I could not get any of the old TGE .dts files to load in the T3D example. I tried two approaches for this. In the first, I examined how they were being loaded in the example and tried to replicate it using new scripts and an old .dts file. In the second, I tried merely replacing one of the example's .dts models with an old one of my own. In both cases I received error messages stating the model could not be loaded. Are there some extra steps that need to be taken to load them in T3D, or do I need to dig up the original source files for all these assets and re-export them? That is an awful lot of work I would like to avoid if possible.

3) I read somewhere that .dif files are no longer fully supported. If this is the case, is there a conversion tool or do I need to go back to the source and somehow get that to port into Max so it can be exported in an alternate format?

4) Is there a way to convert the old TGE terrain files to something supported by T3D? I really do not want to rebuild the terrain for all of those levels by hand. Are the contents of the two files documented anywhere so that I could build a conversion tool if one is not available?

5) Is the GUI system more or less the same? I have a fairly complex set of menus already developed and would like to reuse them "as is" if possible.

6) Is there anything else I am going to come across that I should be aware of before leaping into it? I know the audio system, the water effects, and the renderer have all been replaced, but will that create any more trouble than updating a few scripts to use the new systems?

I greatly appreciate any help or suggestions that can be offered. The more specific and detailed the response the better. I am pouring over both the documentation and the example scripts to try and figure this out myself, but I have always felt it better to ask for help from people more knowledgeable than to try to undertake such an adventure on my own.

Thank you!

01/04/2010 (10:55 pm)
1) A few things have changed, but most of the functions are fairly similar, some files got split up, some things are handled differently - I didn't find it too difficult to port my old tech demo from TGE, had to play "hunt the new location of the function" a couple of times, but that's to be expected. Thankfully, TorqueScript is still TorqueScript, just that there's some more useful stock scripts in it.

2) Can't say I've had this problem, though anything fancy (like glow, translucency, etc) is now handled by material files rather than exported with the model directly - but your account says you've got TGEA so you should know about that already.

3) There "appears" to be an option in the World Editor file menu to export DIFs out as a collada file - I say "appears" as I've never tested it. RIP DIF.

4) Not sure, but I doubt it. If you have a heightmap of your old terrain you can import that.

5) Not used the GUI Editor much in either TGE or T3D, but it appears to be "fairly" similar.

6) Audio isn't too different, SFXprofile/description has a new name. There's been a fair change to the engine (obviously) so you might have to add some extra includes to your custom cpp files (BitStream comes to mind).
01/11/2010 (4:56 pm)
Update on my findings when messing around with the Torque 3D Demo. I did get the DTS's working along with all the DSQ's (Sweet). Also the Terrain from TGE does in fact work with T3D I just copied over my TGE terrain file, then copied over the data from the .mis file from TGE to T3D and it works! Also needed to update the textures on the terrain but IT WORKS :D Thanks for reply.
01/11/2010 (5:43 pm)
That's nice. It's cool when stuff works without the need for much jiggling/a nervous breakdown.
01/27/2010 (12:57 am)
How can i make the dedicated server in linux in Torque 3d. How can i compile the engine files in linux. There is no mk directory in Torque 3d.

How can i compile the c++ files and make the bin files . I am trying to connect with windows client and linux dedicated server.

any idea welcome..
01/27/2010 (2:14 am)
@steve Is Torque 3d has an option to set up dedicated server in Linux or not.

How can i convert exe to bin files.

01/27/2010 (11:39 am)
Torque3D does not have a linux port. You would have to port the mac version to linux.
05/13/2010 (7:13 pm)
@Brian - any luck with the DIFs? I tried loading mine and T3D crashes every time. Anyone have any idea how to convert DIFs to DTS (don't have all of the original .map files)?

UPDATE: the "export interiors to Collada" option does not seem to work with the MacOS T3D demo, but it does however work with the Windows version. Might be a known bug, not sure. Good news is that all of my DIFs seemed to export to DAE pretty well.
03/07/2013 (9:09 pm)
I may have the opportunity to breathe life into a decrepit old game, which hasn't been worked on since 2008. I haven't looked into this long, but I'm supposing that the differences are great. I want to know, how hard would it be to update it, given that I don't know Torque? I'm thinking it might be easier to develop it from scratch in Unity than to update it to T3D. If anyone has any more thoughts on it, I'd appreciate it.

(Note that I don't own TGE, which complicates things further as I've read it can't be obtained any more. I'll have only the source for the project - no way even to compile it without the TGE version it was last developed in. )
03/11/2013 (3:36 pm)
Just a note - DIF is being removed from T3D shortly....