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Plan for Britton LaRoche

by Britton LaRoche · 08/20/2004 (1:14 am) · 6 comments

Here is a free shot gun that I made with my own two hands. Its not great but its totaly free to do what you want with it. Sell it commercially if you like.

Get the FooStick shot gun here!

It has animations for:

1. Bob (idle)
2. Fire
3. Reload
4. Select

The file has the game ready dts file and texture. It also has the max file and 3ds file for modification. No restrictions... royalty free.

Using [url="]this resource here[/url] you will get all the scripts and images needed to get it in game.

Stefan Rampp is back and he is cranking out some good stuff including the octree!!

Beaver Patrol 1.5 beta is being worked on, and we are making good progress. Get ready for content packs and more!

08/20/2004 (5:52 am)
Thanks Britton...

Although I dont have Torque... I know it will come in handy someday whether it be for a game or educational purposes...
08/20/2004 (10:06 am)
Can you fix the screenshot plz?
08/20/2004 (12:38 pm)
Thomas, yeah it has the 3ds stuff in it too. You should get Torque. Its awesome. Best thing since sliced bread.

@Josh, maybe someday I'll get some tallent too.

@Joseph, better?
08/20/2004 (12:41 pm)
hehe thanks Britton

Nice gun!
08/20/2004 (2:37 pm)
Not bad for programmer art eh?