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Material Jam - a new source of digital materials.

by Lyubomir Mandzhukov · 02/03/2018 (11:52 pm) · 2 comments

Dear T3D developers,

We welcome you to join - our growing library of digital materials.
The materials we offer are 100% ORIGINAL and FREE for everyone. We provide one free download everyday for any of the materials in our library. For those who need more downloads we have special offers.
All of our the materials come with Royalty Free License and can be used right away in your projects.

Enjoy having one more source of art assets!

Sincerely, , a service of Liman3D

02/08/2018 (7:40 am)
Hey this is pretty nice!

Always good to see more assets and materials for people :)

I'd also suggest hitting up the new forums as well at
07/23/2018 (1:48 am)
Thanks, Jeff, I will definitely announce on the new forum as well. Cheers