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RPG Engine Tool Kit now Avaliable on GumRoad.

by Kevin Mitchell · 03/03/2016 (9:29 am) · 2 comments

I've had a few inquiries on how to obtain the RPG Engine Toolkit recently. So I've made it avaliable on GumRoad. I hope this helps some.

More info Here

It really has been a long tine since I've been in this community. I really miss the old discussions and topics about the advancement in the engine. I hope all is going well for Garage Games and I would like to that the company for opening my door way to the idea of game dev, back when all other options required you to be a full company and other cheaper solutions left you without the tools and help you make anything. Garage Games and its community will always be close to my thoughts and my heart. And I thank you all for being awesome.


03/03/2016 (9:29 pm)
Yooo, thanks for making it available!
05/17/2016 (9:01 pm)
great kevin, thanks!