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Walkabout Navigation Toolkit Release 1

by Daniel Buckmaster · 10/16/2012 (4:12 pm) · 27 comments

Finally - the time has come! Walkabout is released, along with another short video showcasing real-time NavMesh updating.

You never thought you'd see the day... and neither did I, to be honest! But I've finally managed to pull my head above the stormy waters of university long enough to ensure that everything is ready for Walkabout's release. And boy, am I excited about that! I'm really pleased that I can finally let you guys get your hands on what has been a very significant amount of work for me, as well as a massive learning process. I sincerely believe you won't be disappointed.

Get Walkabout here!

It'll set you back $40.00 USD via PayPal. If you really, really can't use PayPal,
then alternative arrangements can be made.

Instead of re-re-iterating Walkabout's features (because nobody wants that), I'll point you to the features page on Walkabout's site, and my previous blogs on the subject.

I mentioned videos in the blog deck. That's right! This first video is a short one. One of my favourite features in Walkabout is the ability to update little pieces of a NavMesh in real-time - for example, when an object is deleted. The entire NavMesh doesn't need to be updated, just the little tile where the object in question is. And even better, paths automatically update when a NavMesh changes. So if you've got characters running around, they'll respond to changes in the level.

And since I didn't post it on my last blog, even though it was ready, here's the second video tutorial I've produced. It goes over creating off-mesh links in the editor, and showcases the different flags that these links can have so you can tweak your characters' behaviour.

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Studying mechatronic engineering and computer science at the University of Sydney. Game development is probably my most time-consuming hobby!

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10/16/2012 (5:10 pm)
Congrats on the release Daniel, and good luck with Walkabout! As soon as I have the cash I'll be all over this. I've actually been waiting for this specifically so this announcement is like an early Christmas present.

Thanks for keeping us all up-to-date on your progress, mate.
10/16/2012 (10:19 pm)
Cool. Just purchased. Good work!
10/17/2012 (12:36 am)
is it possible to create navmesh for
Interior(inside house or a big vehicle)
under water(no terrain,only water block)
a floating city in air with no terrain?

10/17/2012 (12:44 am)
Good stuff Daniel, congrats for getting this finished.
What's the performance hit when updating the navmesh in real time?
10/17/2012 (3:48 am)
Sweeeeeeeet ... come along pay day ... I seriously need this for my UAISK enabled game. Just in time too. :)

Thanks dude.
10/17/2012 (8:39 am)
Really cool looking stuff!
10/17/2012 (9:26 am)
You have me smiling today. This looks wonderful, and I'll probably be picking up a copy sometime this weekend.
10/17/2012 (9:53 am)
Fantastic work, Daniel!

A question - is it possible to package links with Prefabs? Probably not, but I'm asking this because it would be immensely useful to be able to re-use certain models - especially those that players can place in the environment - without having to manually re-create links.

Also, our use case would not include the editor - how easy or hard is it to create links and the navmesh on the fly? The entire world is procedural - would that cause any issues?

I'm still thrilled at how awesome this is! :)
10/17/2012 (12:34 pm)
Great job Daniel, always happy to support hardworking devs!
10/17/2012 (1:57 pm)
Thanks for response, everyone!

Ahsan: You can create a NavMesh for anything static that has collision geometry. If your large vehicle is actually a Vehicle, then you'll need to modify the source code to make Walkabout include Vehicles in its NavMesh generation. However, NavMeshes can't move at the moment, so if that Vehicle ever moved away from its original location you'd be in trouble. I'm not quite sure what you mean about a waterblock with no terrain - could you elaborate?

Guy: It depends on a ton of stuff. Mostly on your tile size - how large each segment that the mesh needs to rebuild is. At the moment, rebuilds are staggered across multiple ticks, so the performance hit is pretty negligible. I've been using tile sizes of about 10 metres with no noticeable framerate hit, but once you get to 20 or so, you really start to feel it.

Konrad: At the moment, this isn't possible, but I'll definitely add it to my to-do list for the second release because I think it's a fantastic idea. Unfortunately, the script API for off-mesh links isn't quite there yet. I'm planning to release the first patch for R1 within two weeks, which will expose all that stuff to scripts properly. However, at this point, building NavMeshes without fancy stuff is completely doable in script.

Also, hopefully, I'll have a demo out soon!
10/17/2012 (6:18 pm)
" I'm not quite sure what you mean about a waterblock with no terrain - could you elaborate?" is waterplane having no terrian under it.just water.

"You can create a NavMesh for anything static that has collision geometry."
as t3d's waterplane is actually a shader,so i think it is not possible.
thanks for those answer.
10/20/2012 (10:35 am)
God I've been waiting on this....... Great job on walkabout, I know I'll be getting this in about a week.....
10/20/2012 (7:29 pm) is waterplane having no terrian under it.just water.
In that situation I'd have to question whether you really need a NavMesh at all! Do you have any obstacles that need to be avoided?

Donnie: sorry about the wait! I'll be trying to make these updates a bit more timely...
10/22/2012 (7:29 am)
Its all GOOD Daniel, I cant wait to see my AI run for cover as I blast away at their A#$!!! You and Twisted made 2 great addons for the Torque community and I cant stop bragging enough. I have learnt so much from you guys and thank everyone for making this a great place to turn to when help is needed! Now to load my shotgun and shot my harddrive it smoked on me. had everything backed up except the changes I made to the new engine, but should be a quick redo!!! Thanks again D
10/25/2012 (11:51 am)
I just managed to pick this up finally, and.. WOW! This kit represents the highest quality work I've ever seen in a pack for Torque. The docs are incredibly detailed! I have that strange feeling that code won't be the thing I'll enjoy reading this time.

Oh, and you know what? I even enjoyed reading the EULA. :)

I wish there was a way to give this kit better front-page coverage. If something, Walkabout would definitely deserve that!

Fantastic job, Daniel!
10/25/2012 (1:16 pm)
@Konrad - the docs! Aren't they amazing? Try to find a spelling mistake. You won't. Aldous Huxley would be proud of you, Daniel. Seriously, Konrad and I aren't kidding here; the documentation in Walkabout is the best I've seen for any product I have ever used. Period.
10/25/2012 (2:08 pm)
You flatter me! I'm really pleased that you guys are happy with the docs - I was quite worried about them! Still got plans for expanding them - i.e., actually documenting the script interfaces!

Also, Konrad (since you prompted this), the first patch with a proper console interface for links is coming along. Should be ready to deploy within a few days!
10/29/2012 (10:07 am)
I have been waiting for this. Just grabbed it. I really want to use this with UAISK and the implementation looks straight forward. Thanks for all the work Daniel.
11/08/2012 (11:57 am)
Awesome work on this Daniel. Implemented it with T3D / AFX and UAISK combined.
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