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Penguins Arena - Screenhots history (1)

by Mathieu · 06/12/2007 (3:00 pm) · 4 comments

[shameless promotion]
You may know for the awesome Contact Packs made by Christophe, you'll now know for their awesome game.
[/shameless promotion]

Christophe start working on what will be Penguins Arena in september 2005:
- 2 teams of 6 players each (if there's not enough players the team is completed with bots)
- to win the round you must be the last on the map
- you died when you fell out of the platform
- all weapons are used to push the ennemis out of the platform
- when a (real) player die he can take control of a remaining bot of his team

Version 0.7 (GID prototype)
More details on my GID .plan

Version 3.5 (Celshading and penguins Oo Oo)

Version 4.0 (Experimentation with celshading)

Version 5.0 (Oups, too much experimentation! Oo)

Version 5.2 (AI markers)

To be continued in a later .plan

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06/13/2007 (1:28 am)
Like the idea.... Does look cold...

So what... you push each other in the water... Throw each other with snowballs? At least give us a liiiiittle more :)
06/13/2007 (2:08 am)
I'll post a .plan next week.
Sabine or Christophe will publish more information in the following weeks, probably when we'll focus on beta testing.
06/13/2007 (5:04 am)
Good idea Mathieu, I think I might do a retrospective history on the dev of Imitate to make up for the lack of blog updates! Interesting idea, kinda like worms 3d, on penguins :0)
06/14/2007 (4:11 am)
Great idea Mathieu and very nice look & feel.